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For details of the 2018 Scottish National Rally Venue go venue info Scot Nat + Pre + Post Page.

For 2018 Booking Forms go to the Scottish National Rally Booking Page

Please note that the Scottish National follow on at Peebles is NOW FULL. A waiting list is now being operated.

At the the of this update here were a few weekend spaces available (11th to 13th May).

Update on Scottish National Rally

Paxton House Bus Trip

In the light of the high demand for the bus trip I have checked the maximum number of ralliers that the guides will be able to take round the house and have been advised that the maximum they can take without degrading the experience is three groups of twenty, sixty in all. Currently there are thirty two booked for the trip from the fifty seven vans currently booked. This suggests that places on the trip will be sold out before the rally is fully booked and hence you would be advised not to wait too long before booking.

The Club Singers

The Club Singers will be coming to the rally and it is planned to have a free concert on the Monday evening.

If you are interested in the Club Singers and wish to know more about them and what they do visit their website.



There are still tickets available for

The Night to Remember

being held on the 27th of January.

See also the Social Events Page


Photographs may be taken during the course of Rallies and Social events and may be published on the SCC, Centres or Caravan and Motorhome Club websites and also in the Club magazine. They may also be used on our Social Media pages. If anyone attending doesn’t wish their photograph published, please contact the SCC Editor or any Member of Committee




Please read the new letter from the Chairman.This can be found on the Chairman's Chat page


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Centre Registration


We would remind all centre members that registration lasts for a maximum of one year only.

If you wish to remain a centre member it is essential that you re-register each

year at the same time as you renew your annual subscription. If you do not register at least 35 days

before the Centre Annual General Meeting you will be unable to speak or vote at your

Centre's Annual General Meeting.




The Centre Annual General Meeting will take place in the Dalmahoy Church Hall on

Saturday the 29th of September 2018 commencing at 2.00 pm sharp. You must be Centre

registered and be able to present your current membership card at the door.

It is essential to be able to comply with these two points to be able to speak and vote at the meeting.


Scottish National Rally Kelso May 2018


The East of Scotland Centre will be hostng this event over the May Day Bank Holiday week end of 2018. At this event a large number of Centre Members will be required to help the Centre Committee organise and run various parts of the week end activities.


We will need line marshals, field team helpers, booking in helpers, soup makers and servers and much more. If you can help please contact the Centre Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer in the first instance.


To help things run smoothly and make this event a success we need to know who all are willing to help us.


We need You !!


Please volunteer and help your Centre provide a great Holiday Week End for all the Caravan and Motorhome Club Members.